Hello, hello! A few things to tell you about today…


We’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be heading out on a mini tour in just a couple weeks! Our good pal, Jeremy Larson will be joining us. Can’t wait! Here are the dates thus far (more will be added soon, so stay tuned!)

10/23: Gordon College – Wenham, MA *
10/24: The Scarlet Cord – Brookville, PA *
10/29: The Channel – Greenville, SC *
10/30: Murray Hill Theatre – Jacksonville, FL *
11/4: RAW TV, Live Performance – Lakeland, FL
11/7: The Hub – Chattanooga, TN *
11/8: Exit In – Nashville, TN *
11/13: Knickerbocker Theatre – Holland, MI *

(* w/ Jeremy Larson)

… More dates to be added soon! For more detailed, up-to-date info, visit: www.facebook.com/sleepingatlast


In an effort to get the word out about these upcoming tour dates, we are offering 3 live acoustic recordings to anyone kind enough to tell their pals about the tour (or just about our music in general!) The recordings were recorded live for a recent radio show we did and include the songs “Porcelain,” “Unmade,” and “Umbrellas” (all acoustic live versions) – So, here’s the catch:

1. Sign into your facebook account…
2. Visit: http://bit.ly/SALtour and select a tour date that is closest to you… click on it.
3. Towards the top right of the event page you have chosen, there should be an “Invite people to come” link… click on it!
4. Invite your pals!
5. Write to: sleepingatlast@aol.com and let us know and we’ll send over the 3 FREE songs!

OR… If you don’t live near any of the upcoming show areas, no worries! Just let your pals know about our music via twitter, facebook or wherever… send ’em over to our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/sleepingatlast
or let ’em know our new album is now available on iTunes, etc. via this link: http://bit.ly/itunesstory
and then just let us know about it: sleepingatlast@aol.com and we’ll send you the 3 FREE songs as well.

We’re so excited to get back out on the road and to bring these new songs along with us! Hope to see you!! We’ll be in touch again REAL soon to “premiere” our new music video!

Much love,
Dan & Ryan – Sleeping At Last

P.S. Here’s some more stuff we’re into lately…

* “TiltShift Generator” for the iPhone (a camera app… and it’s quite wonderful. makes things look miniature and just super cool.. love it)
* “Firefight” in Halo ODST (it’s a game-type that has been stealing away so many hours of our lives… but it’s so good)
* Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3-D!! (can’t wait to re-watch such wonderful movies in the theater again.. and in 3-D! so rad!)



Today is a very exciting day for us here at the Sleeping At Last HQ! Here’s why:


It’s official – our new album, “Storyboards” is available NOW digitally just about everywhere on the web.. iTunes, LaLa, Amazon… and you name it!. Here’s some links to buy now:

iTunes (comes with digital booklet!):  http://bit.ly/itunesstory
LaLa:  http://tiny.cc/lalastory
Amazon:  http://tiny.cc/amazonstory

For you old school compact disc collectors the CD is available now at: www.sleepingatlast.com and at all upcoming shows! (the artwork, by the way – is lovely… if we do say so ourselves!) + When you order a CD from us, you will be emailed a link to immediately download the album digitally while you wait for shipping!


Just in time for our album release show in Chicago, we’ve got 2 brand new T-Shirts for sale! They’re available now at http://www.sleepingatlast.com or at all upcoming shows! Check ’em out/order them here:  http://www.sleepingatlast.com/emailExclusive


One more final reminder about our upcoming Chicago Album Release show!

* This Sat., Sept. 19th

* at: PARK WEST (gorgeous, SEATED venue!)

*TIckets are $15 and available in advance at: ticketmaster.com AND at the Park West Box Office  (NOTE: if you buy tickets from the box office, there are NO surcharges! save some money.)

* feat. Live String Quartet! w/ guests: Jeremy Larson & Susan Voelz & more!! (+ Art for sale by Geoff Benzing!)

We’ve never been more excited about a show.. truly hope to see you!! Talk soooon.

Ryan & Dan – Sleeping At Last

P.S. here’s another list of stuff we love right now…

* Halo ODST (comes out soon and we can’t wait to have even more HALO in our lives. sad!)
* Sabra “Greek Olive” Hummus (Jason, our drumming pal introduced us to it.. and it’s changing the face of hummus forever)
* Having a new album! (yay!)
* Malcom Gladwell (the author of “blink,” “outliers,” etc.. he’s super neat!)

the gorgeous artwork was painted by GEOFF BENZING (www.benzingart.com) & these lovely photographs were taken by the very talented, SCOTLAND HUBER. please visit his blog to learn more about Scotland and to view his other lovely work! : www.movementsofscotland.blogspot.com

Hello! We hope you had an incredibly recharging labor day weekend and that your week’s off to a great start so far!


Over the weekend we recorded our song “Umbrellas” acoustically at our home, for fun. It’s a bare-boned, live version of the song with only a couple microphones, an acoustic guitar, our fav. upright piano and some singing. We would love to give this little recording to you… What’s the catch? Well…

As you may know, the “Storyboards” album release show is coming up soon (Sept. 19th!) in Chicago, so in an effort of trying out new ways to tell folks about shows, we were wondering if you, our amazing Facebook friends, would be kind enough to invite your pals, using the “Invite People to Come” function from our event page in trade for the song download?

All you gotta do is:

*  Visit our event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=132846012296 (or just visit our www.facebook.com/sleepingatlast page and click “events”)
*  On the top right corner, you will see a “Invite People to Come” link.. click it..
*  Invite all your Facebook pals!
*  And then email us and let us know at: sleepingatlast@aol.com   we’ll reply with the free MP3 download ASAP.

You guys are super awesome! (Even if you’d rather not tell your pals and get a free song.. you’re still super awesome!) And if you’re not already familiar with our Facebook page, we’d be thrilled to make your Facebook acquaintance either way. Here’s our Facebook home:  www.facebook.com/sleepingatlast

Hope to see you at the show!

Ryan & Dan – Sleeping At Last

Umbrellas Ac. Artwork
Here’s the show info again:

Event title: Sleeping At Last – Chicago Album Release Show!
Date: Sat., September 19th
Location: PARK WEST (gorgeous, seated venue!)
322 W Armitage, Chicago, IL
Time: 7PM
Price: Tickets $15 (avail. at http://www.ticketmaster.com or at the Park West box office)
Notes: Sleeping At Last “Storyboards” album release show! Featuring String Quartet & Guests! Also performing: Susan Voelz & Jeremy Larson!
(and feel free to add anything you’d like..)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye..

Today, we’ve got a few special announcements to make about our upcoming “Storyboards” album release show (which is only 1 month from today!)


As we mentioned, it’s being held on September 19th (Sat.) at the beautiful PARK WEST here in Chicago, IL. (quite literally our favorite venue in the country.)  We’ll be playing a healthy, long set of music (old and new!), featuring the incredible STRING QUARTET that is responsible for the strings on each of our albums!  It’s always such a treat for us to play alongside them live – we cannot wait!


We’re also pleased as punch to announce that opening the evening up will be beautiful sets of music from both: “Susan Voelz and the Defenders of the Monarchy Treasure”, as well as Jeremy Larson!  As you may know, both Susan Voelz and Jeremy Larson have contributed to our new album, and we’re just so excited for you to hear their solo music!  After their sets, both Jeremy and Susan will perform with us on stage as well.


We’re also very excited to announce that the incredible artist, Geoff Benzing (responsible for Storyboard’s artwork!) will be present, displaying/selling original paintings at this show!  Geoff also created the cover art for Keep No Score as well as the paintings that make up http://www.sleepingatlast.com!  We can’t wait for you to see his beautiful work in person.. and to have the chance to purchase his incredible pieces!  You can check out his art in advance here: www.benzingart.com
All that said, we can hardly wait for Sept. 19th!  So excited to share the evening with so many wonderful folks that contributed to this album, and to celebrate the release of Storyboards with you!  And of course, we can’t wait to play these new songs live for the first time!  For those of you hoping to attend, tickets are on sale NOW at Ticketmaster.com, or via this link: http://tiny.cc/ticketmaster919

It’s been such an exciting time around here lately!  The new album has finally hatched and we’re so thrilled to hear such welcoming and warm responses!  Thank you SO very much to those of you that pre-ordered Storyboards!  We have been overjoyed with the amount of pre-orders we’ve received!  And we are truly privileged that you are allowing this new collection of songs into your world!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

We’ll be writing soon with tons more exciting news!! Hope to see you on the 19th of Sept…

Ryan & Dan – Sleeping At Last

P.S. Here’s another list of things we love right now…

* KALA Ukuleles (they were kind enough to recently endorse ryan and they just make incredible instruments! check ’em out: www.kalaukulele.com)
* DVR (yeah, it’s not exactly news, but DVR is quite possibly the greatest invention since.. TV.)
* Where The Wild Things Are – the movie (no, we haven’t seen it, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be awesome..)
* Casio SK-1 Keyboards (from the 80’s.. you can sample any sound and it’ll play back on the keys.. we used it a bunch on the album. oh yeah and the demo song rulez)

and here’s the release show info at a glance:

Sept. 19th, 2009
“Storyboards” Album Release Show!
w/ Susan Voelz & the Defenders of the Monarchy Treasure & Jeremy Larson
At: Park West – Chicago
Doors: 6:30PM
Tickets: $15 at: http://www.ticketmaster.com